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Energy switching is up by nearly 30% in the last year

With a massive 7.7 million customers switched energy supplier last year, it’s clear that energy switching is popular and people are becoming much more aware to shop around for the cheaper energy suppliers and tariffs.
We know customers are not rewarded for been loyal and if you stick with the same supplier for many years you do not get a discount, If you are loyal you just end up paying higher prices due to energy companies taking advantage of knowing you will not switch.

Top Tip
Use a free Ofgem approved energy comparison tool its best to do a quick search every 3-6 months to keep on top of cheaper prices and tariffs.
Compare Switch and Save is completely free, quick, secure, simple and easy.
Compare online or by calling our freephone number to speak with a energy comparison advisor if you have a question, require help or want to compare by phone.

20% of customers that switched using Compare Switch and Save over the last 60 days saved an average of £150.11 the biggest saving was £1,920

Have you made the switch yet to a cheaper supplier and/or tariff?

Using our free energy comparison site we show and compare every UK supplier and tariff, so you can see how much you can save.

If you want to switch supplier its really, simple, quick and secure, there’s no paperwork to complete we do the legwork tell your old supplier you are leaving and notify your new supplier.
We make sure you’re getting the very best deal on your energy.

Compare gas and electricity (dual fuel), gas only (single fuel) or electricity only (single fuel)

If you know a friend, older neighbour, family member or anyone who would benefit from cheaper bills pass our freephone number to them and/or our website address.

We want to help more people save hard earned money and put a stop to expensive energy bills the better everyone feels.
Why let energy companies make massive profits, keep putting prices up and every year pay shareholders your money?

Fixed price tariffs are best as this will fix the price you pay for a period of time, even if prices go up for standard tariff customers your price stays the same.

Standard tariff and standard variable are the most expensive prices, suppliers can increase their prices at any time.

Certain times of the year new tariffs come on the market with lower prices you are able to switch to that supplier and/or tariff.

Check if you have a leaving charge usually around £30 factor this in to see if you will still save.

Most energy tariffs have no leaving fee.

How to make your bills even cheaper;
Paying by Direct Debit Monthly you can save around £50 – £70 a year.
Paperless billing can save you money too.

All gas and electricity is the same who ever your supplier is, its delivered the same way, same pipes, just much cheaper bills with a different logo on bills and who you contact.